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Counselor's Corner

I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the children of Brock Nation!  I go to each classroom once every two weeks and teach a lesson; this is called Classroom Guidance.  These lessons/activities will cover a variety of topics, such as building good character, coping with feelings, study skills, problem solving, bullying, drug prevention and goal setting.  The goal of all counseling activities is to help children build a positive self-image and to be able to deal successfully deal with the stresses that accompany growing up.  

I also do individual and group counseling.  My counseling referrals come from several sources. You, as a parent, can ask me to talk  with your child.  A child can ask to see me, or a teacher or administrator may refer a child to me.  If I believe that a child has an issue that warrants multiple sessions, I will call you for permission.  If a child needs long-term counseling (more than six weeks), I will be happy to provide a list of referrals to you.  

Whenever I counsel with a child, the information shared remains confidential with the following exceptions:  the child is being harmed by someone, they're going to harm themselves, or they know of someone else who is being harmed.  Proper authorities must then be notified.  If your child is ever invited to participate in small group counseling where other children can hear confidential information, I will ask first for parental permission.  In all counseling groups, privacy is emphasized.

I am availabe to discuss any questions you may have; you can call me at school or email me at .